Brainev review

I wrote several months ago about the Brain Evolution System and gave my comprehensive brainev review.

In case you don’t know, brainev is a mind entrainment program developed by Inspire3. The idea is to listen to the 30-minute audios every day, progressing through the 6 levels month-by-month.

The audios contain binaural beats as well as various other brainwave technology to alter the brainwave frequencies your brain produces. Sounds scary, I know, and like something you won’t want to mess around with. But the truth is it’s been proven to be perfectly safe after a lot of research, and also proven that these technologies can have a positive impact on your life. In fact, brainev cost over $500,000 to produce is based on over 70 years of of scientific brainwave research.

The brainev system is delivered on 6 CDs, which can also be downloaded from the website, and comes with a comprehensive 7-month guarantee… which is long enough to try out the entire program and STILL get your money back if you decide it’s not for you.

Brainev uses┬ápatent-pending 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process, or 3P DEAP for short. The 3P-DEAP technology takes advantage of the fact that human brainwaves aren’t static but rather dynamic. They are constantly changing and shifting in frequency, and this is taken into account by the 3-point technologies. As far as I know, no other self-improvement product takes this into account.

As mentioned in my brainev review, the main website is very ‘salesy’, so expect lost of hype. But that aside, the product is excellent.

You can read my complete brainev review, or you can check out the main brainev website.